Sometimes we must leave what we love to do the most

I have come to the decide to take a break on lolita fashion and cosplaying. Until I get a job.
I simply adore Japanese fashion a lot, cosplaying and over all anything that involves these things. Sadly I have been unemployeed long enough and I wont be able to keep up with all these hobbies. I havent been able to even do crafts nor sow. I dare say I have lost most inspiration for it, not even art I have done.

Been going through this for a while now, I wont give it up all thou, I love what I do which is drawing and creating things related to fashion. This is just another stone blocking my path, I will remove it once I get a good salary. It saddens me a lot to pause on these things, but I must.

Note that I will attend Comic Con, I wont miss on such a great event. I will try to attend it.

Probably once again recycle an outfit for it. I wish I could wear something new but yeah....you know how it is.

I do draw once in a while, not as often as befores, I keep my DA updated on new drawings


I will miss my cosplaying friends (not that I have much) but those few friends I will miss A LOT.


Sorry for letting this die

I will try to keep this alive once a gain this year, Im sorry for the VERY LONG hiatus on my blog @__@;

On other news, I have update my DA if you want to see