A doodle I made for my friend Lee xD LUL stories behind doodles LUL FOR SHAME!


Me and le dirty shanannigans! @)@


Playing with make up because Im bored

Today I decided to play around with my make up, I was designing my White Rabbit Lolita outfit and since the pallete is red black and white I kinda felt like playing with my make up and do a Visual Kei look inspired on that outfit <3 Im happy how it came out, although the make up I will use for the outfit will be more gothic lolita, not visual Kei

A little update and stuffies

Finally started organizing the August Meet up at the museum and the Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot for november. I picked the White Rabbit, here is a concept art design for my outfit.

My friend Naida will do the skirt and vest for me @_@; 

For comic con Im going in Sweet Lolita Strawberry Themed <3 Here is the skirt design and the fabric

Today I will post later on some make up Inspired in these two outfits.

I got a new hair style here it goes:
Its not NEW NEW i just kinda forgot to post pictures of it in the blog XD LUL

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*^* Ill follow back!


Spring Meet Up

The meet up was awesome, we had such a great time. More than 10 people from the lolita group assisted. We talked about future events, met new people, ate delicious things and took piccus!

Next meet up will be held in august. I hope its as great as this one.  

Me and my friend Hachichichi <3 She is awesome sauce!

The wind murdered our hairs, but who cares, I got to see all my friends and that's what matters.

The delicious sushi and cupcakes, where the stars of the day:

Dont they look delicious?!

Me and Nai will have more vents for this year:

August Meet up at the Museum (if possible)
Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot in November
December Meet Up and Fashion Show

Pro-funds for the group activities:
Lolita Bazaar at Conventions

I would like to thank Naida for helping to make possible our first event. Special Thanks to Rafa for taking me, my ouji waifu and Cookie to the event. I want to thank all of my sweet lolitas and gents of the face book group. I hope you had fun at the meet up! Love you all! I hope to see you around in our next events.


Mini Top Hat Finished

Here's my little mini to hat I made for the outfit I will be wearing this Sunday at the meet up. <3

Only a few days for the meet up! I'm so so so excited to meet the girls and boys of the group. All those pretty outfits!

I will be also hosting a sales spot of all the goodies I make. Theres only a few things left to do and I am done for sunday. I bought this cute little rilakkuma bag T_T I just hope it arrives in time for the meet up. I promise I shall put pictures of the goodies, meet up and outfits <3

After that its back to sewing with my grandma. I have to cook up that alice in wonderland themed skirt and the strawberry fields skirt as well. @__@ so many things to do still. Im just so happy that I am finally gonna meet my sweeties from the Lolita group in my FB. We have so many projects for the group this year. Give aways, raffles, more meet ups and photo shoots. ^_^!!

What really makes me sad is that most of the lolitas and gents from the group live so far away from my town. It kinda does sucks

Well, Im off for now.