Piccus and stuffs!

Finally some pics of some things Ive done lately!

Now to go work on my onigiri plushies, my oufits blouse and a few other things <3
Will be posting those pictures soon too!

I would like to thank all those who have follow me from the PR Lolita Group in FB
I love you guys!
Cant wait to see you at the Con <3


Little update on things

Hi hi!
Just a little update:
The progress on doing my complete inventory of kawaii goodies is going well, I might be done by middle of september. My sowing machine its being little bitchy T_T I just hope she behaves because I have many things to sow.

Im gonna start on my outfit this weekend, just a little add ons and Im done.
I will post pictures as soon as its done!

I made strawberry phonestraps! Homg they came out so adorable! I will post pictures later.



Considering an online store

I am considering creating an etsy, to sell all my goodies online.
I have noticed most people are going crazy about my top hats and hair bows xD so honestly I think Im going to sell online. Before that I need to plan this well and know what im doing first. It will take a while but I will consider this.

Posible name for store
Sugar Pop Candy LOVE!

I will let you know as soon as I set up shop.

To all my new followers, THANK YOU so much for your support and comments <3
Love you!!!



Did lots of goodies yesterday and today!

Hello everyone!!
Look I did a comple of more things I hope you like them ^_^

Also Drew Panty Anarchy from Panty and Stocking with Gaterbelt <3


Meep!! Stupid Internet Issues

Sorry I havent posted nor updated in a while, I've a few more things for sale at the Con, but Im having issues with my internet fees about uploading and downloading stuff. -.- I am considering changing Internet Company...with unlimited download and uploads... What I will do next time is put all pictures in one picture and although it wont be as big and detailed as a normal pic, but I have to cut down on uploading things... until I change comapany.

Sorry about that...I did made a few more bows, a top hat and candies.


Candy and Bows

Made a Big Candy Hair Bow Still dont know if Ill be selling this or using it my self xD I am going to make smaller versions of it as well.

Cut medium bows I made to day <3


Finally finished some hair pins

I finally finished putting the details on the hair pins. Yayyy!

bunnies and Kitties

More bunnies and Kitties

In close up Bunnies and Kitties

the whole group

New Frilled head dresses

this is a Star Pin I made for my self, I will be using it with my Outfit at Kaisen

These are two Sock Decorations I made for a pair of Loli Socks I will be Selling


Kaisen Work Shop Part 2

My friend Karen stood at my house for two days helping me out making kawaii things for selling at Kaisen 9 Lives.
We worked hard, our backs hurt and well we had our fun too.

Here are some of the things done and almost done.

^Esa es mi ayudante and friend Karen

Thats what has been done, the Rilakkuma hair pin its for me to wear at the convention xD ehehhehe

Im will be going shopping tomorrow for fabrics, laces, ribbons and other little things.
Next week I will be working on the Onigiri Plushies and Top Hats.
I will be posting the progress on that Next Week


The Kaisen Workshop Part 1

Finally I started to do some of the things I will be selling at the Convention.
I started with the hairpins.

Thats about it, I will be updating from time to time, I have so many things to dooooo @_@
once I finish the hair pins, I will move on the Top Hats.


Selling Spot at Kaisen Anime Con for October

Finally I will get a selling spot at Kaisen, I will be sharing a table with my friend. I've been wanthing a seeling spot in a Con for so long! Im so glad I have the chance to do so now.
Here is some info on my business:

Name: Sugar Pop Candy Love
What I sell? Lolita Head dresses, Hair pins, Mini Top hats, Cake pops and Kawaii Food Plushies

All this will be avaible at Kaisen 9 in Puerto Rico
October 9, 2011

I will go dressed Oshare-ish with some lolita mixed in it <3
What I have so far for my outfit:
Skirt [still need to add some details to it]
Plain White blouse [ Will be doing some alterations with lace and prints]
Hair Accesories
Make up
Shoes [although I really wish I could buy pink tea party shoes but Im too broke]

I will be also giving tutorials at the Convention
Visual Kei and Oshare Kei Make up
How to do your own Lolita Head dresses