Selling Spot at Kaisen Anime Con for October

Finally I will get a selling spot at Kaisen, I will be sharing a table with my friend. I've been wanthing a seeling spot in a Con for so long! Im so glad I have the chance to do so now.
Here is some info on my business:

Name: Sugar Pop Candy Love
What I sell? Lolita Head dresses, Hair pins, Mini Top hats, Cake pops and Kawaii Food Plushies

All this will be avaible at Kaisen 9 in Puerto Rico
October 9, 2011

I will go dressed Oshare-ish with some lolita mixed in it <3
What I have so far for my outfit:
Skirt [still need to add some details to it]
Plain White blouse [ Will be doing some alterations with lace and prints]
Hair Accesories
Make up
Shoes [although I really wish I could buy pink tea party shoes but Im too broke]

I will be also giving tutorials at the Convention
Visual Kei and Oshare Kei Make up
How to do your own Lolita Head dresses

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  1. I will gladly offer myself as a model if you need someone to make all perdy and lolita <3 TAKE ME HIBIKI SAN! MY BODY IS READY ::cough:: i mean teehee <3


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