Plans and projects!

Hello, loves! These are some of the Plans and projects Ill be doing.

Finish my Decolita or Fairy Kei outfit [still undecided which one to do]

Plan my tutorial for Lolita accesories and Visual Kei make up for Kaisen

Depending on the Date for this event, I will be working on sharing a table for sales with a friend at Kaisen.

Finish some of my drawings I have left behind -.- I have so many unfinished art.

On other things, sorry for not posting much...been lazy? xD mayyyybe?

My current drawing I am working on:

Do not steal please...

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  1. amo como se ve tu blog ;_; el mio almenos ya cambio un poco xD wiii kaizen!!! y entiendo lo de el tiempo yo estoy igual muchas cosas sin terminar ._.


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