Not so Adventuristic day xD

Here are somethings I want to show you guys, some are done recently and others are old projects.

This is a top hat a made several months ago, I wanted to show you guys this one because its the best top hat I've made <3

This is Shihiro <3 its my friends Jessys Miniature Bunny ^_^

This is my cheeky cat Nono, I must admit he is a pain in the rear behind... >_>

Made waffles this morning <3

I re-decorated my phone last night ^_^, it is still unfinished I want to add tiny sparkles, but I have to go to the crafts store to see if I can find tiny sparkles.

I am planning on doing some Fairy Kei hair accesories, once I get them done I will post pictures of it so you can see them ^_^

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