Okashi Noms Review

Finally got to taste some of the delicious snacks Okashi Noms PR offers!

I got a pretty large stash of goodies but so far I have tasted these:
Sorry about the low quality pictures, these were taken with a mobile.

Melon Ramune and Strawberry Yogurt Drink
I simply LOVE Japanese Drinks, Ramune is one of my favorite refreshing drinks and although I have never tasted the Melon one I decided to order one form Okashi Noms. What can I say?! It was refreshing and delicious, it has a very good Melon taste!

The Strawberry Yorgurt Drink tasted SO SO SO good, it actully taste like strawberry yogurt. It is a very soft taste and the bottle is so cute! 

Yan Yan Double Cream Chocolate and Strawberry dip!

The Oh so good Yan Yan Cookie sticks! Yep, if you haven't tried these yet, DO IT! They are so delicious and sweet! It brings cookie sticks that you can dip in two different flavor dips. The dips flavors are Chocolate and the other is Strawberry. Very good snack!!

Melon Pan
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE Melon Pan, this sweet soft bread is a great snack for any time, you can eat it by it self, with jam or nutella. It is simply soooooo GOOD! 

Big Roll Pizza Thinggie that I seem to forgotten the name LOL
Never tasted one of these, so hey, why not? This roll is like a huge puffy cheeto that taste like Pizza. It is spicy and yummy! Give it a try!

Overall Service: The girls at Okashi Noms are very kind and always bring you fresh delicious snacks from good ol' Japan.

I have more snacks I still have to taste and review, stay tuned! 

Visit their Page!


Muhh Accesories Shopping Service Order Review

Finally I decided to get some things from Axes Femme, I used a shopping service from FB.
Here is her address:


Review from 1 to 10

Costumer Service:
I honestly must say this girl is kind, amazing and very attent when it comes to e-mail replies, Q&A, information and explanation. Each email I sent her was answered quickly and clearly.  10/10

It took two weeks to get here, that is very quick since it comes from Japan. 10/10


Superb! She packed everything neatly and all of the items arrived safely. 10/10

Pictures: (sorry for bad quality, taken with ipod >_<)

Over all service is 10/10
I really recommend this shopping service to anyone who wants anything from Japan, she does her job really well!
Happy shopping!


Diary of a not so lonely me, but still an empty bottle

Finally an Adventure to write about! LoliDay was this weekend, I got to spend it with some friends, we didn't go out or anything but we got to dress up and take pictures. It was so much fun to just dress up, talk, giggle, joke around and take pictures.

 Its great to spend time with friends that have some fashion taste in common. I must admit I don't have self confidence to wear lolita out on the street be it by my self or with friends. When ever I wear it out if I'm with friends I'm less scared but still worried. I love Lolita Fashion and Japanese Street Fashion A LOT, I try to incorporate it in my everyday wear and some times I do feel good about wearing it, but when it comes to lolita since its so over the top it scares me going out. This lack of self confidence bears from low self esteem. At least I have it clear whats causing it and even if I try to conquer that its been years since I've tried but still feel the same.

Wearing Lolita makes me feel free inside but the internal battle between the goth loli that lives in my heart and low confidence fiend in my brain is never ending, there can be days I feel like wearing it but then I turn back and don't. So many fears of it, being judge, looked upon, encountering people from work and what they may image me as (work at a school as a Special ED Assistant) so many reasons I don't wear it out other than meet ups and conventions. Even at events I look at other girls wearing it and I still feel I'm not good enough for this fashion. That's why I haven't purchased anything lolita related in months, I wouldn't want to waste money on a skirt I'm just gonna put away and use it once in a while. This is what some call being stuck...
I need some time to think what I'm gonna do. I do incorporate some lolita elements like accessories and bags to my everyday style and that makes me happy a little. This fashion made me discover great friends and also horrible people. But lets focus on the positives, great friends, boyfriend supports it and family deals with it. Memorable moments created in meet ups, hangs outs and even on social media. Even if I stay in the fashion or leave it and just continue with my own style Id like to thank my bestie Naida, my boyfriend, mom and all the friends that have accepted and supported the crazy person I am.

It may not be the end of this loli feels, I still have like 3 more dream prints to get...but yea internal turmoil and dispair,   Im just in a phase of my life where I am stuck when it comes to fashion. Its not a cool feeling...

Thats the end of my entry, its summer! Ill probably post more adventures. Next meet will be at the Zoo and althou I wont be wearing Lolita Ill take lots of pics! Im planning on a simple Street Style outfit.

Todays Look:

Comic Con!

Wow...Haven't update in so long!! I guess my life isn't as adventurous as I wish it was involving fashion and stuff.  I did went to Comic Con a few weeks ago, it was great. I got to see good friends! Did cosplay! yep, Im not one to actully cosplay but  I decided to do so this one time! Look!

It was so much fun! I got to meet Harleys Joker!!
Second Day was also fun. I went in lolita thou.
I used this coord after the event to just go hang out and dinner.

This is the full coord I used at the event <3 nbsp="" p="">

Back on the awsome days of Comic Con, I went with my hubby and a friend of ours. We had so much fun with all our friends, so many cosplayers did such great work! 
  The only bad thing was that my cosplay hat weights and it fucked up my neck a bit but sides that all was great.


The story behind my frills

My frills and a little something you should know about me...

I'm just another girl in love with Japanese Fashion. I admire mostly every Japan Style even though I am not a fan of all of them I contemplate most of them and admire the fashion and those who wear it. The style that suites me and wear is Gothic Lolita and maybe Classic Lolita, most of you know that. I am not a full time and  life style lolita, I only wear the fashion and enjoy it but I don't consider it my life style. I only have like two coords at the moment, I have been in to the style for years now but never had the money to start building up a wardrobe. Now that I have a job I decided to get at least 5 coords. I have limited my self to five coords because my job is not permanent yet and I fear I will grow out of the fashion eventually. I also only wear lolita for special occasions not an everyday thing, I wish I could but I can't. I have to work hard for each piece I get so it might take long  for me to get the Lolita pieces I want. Which most are replicas because brand wont fit me and I cant afford it.

Me as a lolita? Well, I wear it to spend time with my friends, most of the friends I have that have this taste in common with me live far from my town so sadly I only spend time with my lolita friends once in  a while at meet ups or cons in other towns. When I wear lolita I act like I always act, I don't change my personality nor pretend to be this princess kawaii desu blah blah, I am who I am and clothes wont change me. I don't spend hours watching videos of other lolitas being all cute, nor spend hours wanting to be this or that.  Why do I wear it then if not to be a  kawaii desu princess? I wear it because its makes me feel free from my cage, because even thou I am not cute nor proper, nor girly, I feel I achieve elegance and freedom to be just me .  I wear it to express the true nature of my thoughts and my self.  Thanks to this fashion I met some nice people that thanks to them I've created a bond and gave meaning to me wearing this fashion and enjoy it with them. Most of them no matter how cranky and bitchy I am accept me and that is well, awesome sauce.

I do enjoy sweets, tea and shopping with my mom, boyfriend and lolita friends. I do recognize I have the flaw that I dislike girly, proper, non malice infused people. I simply CANT stand them, no reason at all just cant. Hence why some times I rather be very selective with who I go out with in lolita fashion.

My frills:
As a lolita I don't like bows all over the place, not fond of pink on my lolita clothing (over loads of pink). I like morbid, dark prints. I like lace not loads of it, preferably on the hem of the skirt. Yep I am a skirt fan, I don't wear JSK unless there's one I REALLY like.  Its crazy how obsessed I am with top hats although I don't have one yet (want to thou).  Wigs for me are kinda annoying and itchy so I don't wear wigs, I like them, how they look and the touch it gives some coords but yeah... Totally obsessed with Moitie and AAtP.

Now for the latest coord 

Id like to thank Nai, Eric, Jerome (the love of mah life) and my mother for understanding me, loving me as I am and always being there for my crazy loli moments. 


New things and simple things!

Id like to apologize I haven't Posted in so long!

I finally got my hands on Silent Moon Skirt from OoJia. Here is my coord for New Years.

These are some other pictures I've taken during the year.

Shoot with my Best Friend Nai

 Visual Kei Outfit I did for a Fashion Show 

Now to write a bit, I may not be perfect. I may not be skinny nor pretty, but I love Lolita fashion, it makes me happy just to wear it. I may not have many outfits but even so I enjoy what little I have. Thanks to Japanese fashion in genera I met so many wonderful people, people that have changed my life in great ways. I may not be a full time lolita and only wear it from time to time, but when I put together a coord, simple ones because that's how I like my coords to be, I feel accomplished and great. Never give up who you are, if you love some thing keep it, if it makes you happy wear it! Dont let anyone tell you who you need to be and what you need to wear.

I hope that this new year I can build up my wardrobe when it comes to Japanese fashion. I also have one cos-play in mind for comic con this year I hope I can do that at least. Since I've always wanted to make a good cos-play for comic con, but only once. Also want to spend more time with my friends which are most far away from my town.
I guess that's all for now.

Wish you a great year everyone! Never give up!