Projects to come

Well, a date has been given for Kaisen. It will be on September 16.
Me and Naida have some events. We will have a Japanese Street Fashion Show at Kaisen, we also will give an orientation about the Fashion and I will give a beginners drawing tutorial (manga).

The fashion show will have many styles. The participants are the members of my Facebook group. We also will have a Fashion Gathering at a museum and then the japanese garden. This will be for August. We are organizing an Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot at a botanical  garden, this will be for november.

For the fashion show, Im still not decided if doing Visual Kei Lolita or Cosplay of Ririchiyo from Inu x Boku.
I do have decided to go country lolita strawberry themed <3
For the Photoshoot Im gonna be Visual kei Lolita White Rabbit <3


You and your Fashion Style

I have been in to Japanese Street Fashion for a while now. There are many styles and honestly I like more than just one. When you are starting with a style then you discover you like more styles, you start to feel a little overwhelm by them, because you want to wear so many styles. You start questioning, what style am I, what suits me best? I went through this a couple of times, I decided to wear which ever style I like. Not just one.
I like gothic lolita but I only have on dress and a skirt in making of that style, so I only wear it for events or meets. I also like oshare kei and visual kei. What I do is I wear my everyday clothes but with elements of the styles I like.

Gothic Lolita
This style I use it mostly at special events, since I don't have much of a closet full of it. Also the weather here 
isn't very cool at all. 

Visual Kei Inspired Outfits

Now this is more me. This style is something I would wear most of the time. Specially for the movies or the mall. Elements that I love about this is the dark colors, leggings and boots. Cant forget the Hair <3

Oshare Kei

This style is awesome, bright colors, awesome hair and colorful hair. Animal Prints!
This style I don't wear it OTT (over the top) I wear my daily style which is a mix of elements from  Oshare and Visual. I dont literally   wear the fashion just elements of it.
Although at the moment my hair is Oshare right now I still use different styles with it.
I even throw in elements from Fairy kei if my color pallet is pastels.

If you like different styles don't question your tastes. Wear what you like and don't let others tell you what to wear or what you should wear according to how your complexion looks like. Remember you make the fashion yours, it is something you will have on your body and it should be something that makes you happy when you look at the mirror and then say, "DAMN, I look awesome."

It took me a while to find which styles to like since a lot of them are so cool, I started liking decora from that I discovered many styles. I dont wear them often to an everyday thing but when I do incorporate them in to my daily outfits I feel good because is something I like to have on me. <3 

Wear what makes you smile <3
...and dont let anyone tell you what or what not to wear.


Finally a little update!

Im so sorry for not posting often. Now for the entry of today.

Well I had a table at Kaisen, it was fun. My friend Naida was there with me too! Here is the coord for that day:

The con was okay, it wasnt as full as other times but oh well, things happen. I had so much fun met new people, got a Sebastian plushie!!! The sales were okay. The table was given last minute so we didnt get to prepare it all kawaii and stuffs, but next time we wiill. I hope. 

This is our table, first two pics is my side and the last pic is Naidas side, we didnt have time to actully decorate the area and make it pretty. @_@

Everyone loved the onigiris hehhe <3

My shoes <3 I adore them, but man they kill my feet! Its the only Lolita like pair of shoes I have T_T

Picture of the day! Me, Barbie and Naida at our sales stand before leaving the venue! The convention was ending.

I found a girl dressed as a Kappa Kigurumi! I loved it!!

We went to the mall after the Kaisen <3, we had so much fun! <3 I finally got my Boater Hat. Naida took me to Forever 21, I loved it! never been there since I live far from it. Homg all the kawaii clothing and Im so happy I found my boater hat. The strawberry ribbon was made by me, the original is a black and white polka dotted one <3 

Me and my friend Luna <3 shes too adorable! 

My Sebastian Plushie <3 

Over all, I had a great day on Sunday. This week Im preparing my cosplay, well atleast the last touches, I still need to style that wig @_@
This Sunday COMIC CON!!! Also will make an entry for that.


Crafty, craft, crafty!

I finally got started on some of the crafty things I wanted to do for my friend, nothing better than Ice creaaaammm!!! *Asagis screamo metal voice*  YEAH!!

*giggle* I finished the two Ice creams pillow like two way clips for Naida <3 

These were easy to do, I did those by hand.
You see the fabric behind the plushies? that fabric is to make a bow. Its already done all I have to do its put it together. ^_^ Its so yummy looking!

On to other things, I decided to cosplay for comic con this year, Im gonna do a female version of this character:
Soul Evans
Anime: Soul Eater

He is one of my favorite Anime Characters.

I have a couple of Harajuku Fashion Related Events after Comic Con as well. A lolita meet up for august and an Alice in Wonderland Street Fashion Photoshoot. 
To the meet up Im gonna do a Strawberry themed Country Lolita outfit, Im in the hunt for a boater hat to decorate X_X, havent had luck.
For the Alice in Wonderland Im gonna do Gothic Lolita White Rabbit.



Crafty Today

Its been a while since I made something, so today I decided to do a little pillow two way clip. Its an Ice Cream Cone. 

Materials: Felt, hot glue, rymestones, thread, needles, brush, paint and <3 MUSIC <3 heheh for inspiration!

Here is the picture <3 
I still have to the the paint lines on the cone.

Im planning of doing a Popscicle stick and Bow of Icecream fabric! 

Ill post pictures of them once they are done.