Crafty, craft, crafty!

I finally got started on some of the crafty things I wanted to do for my friend, nothing better than Ice creaaaammm!!! *Asagis screamo metal voice*  YEAH!!

*giggle* I finished the two Ice creams pillow like two way clips for Naida <3 

These were easy to do, I did those by hand.
You see the fabric behind the plushies? that fabric is to make a bow. Its already done all I have to do its put it together. ^_^ Its so yummy looking!

On to other things, I decided to cosplay for comic con this year, Im gonna do a female version of this character:
Soul Evans
Anime: Soul Eater

He is one of my favorite Anime Characters.

I have a couple of Harajuku Fashion Related Events after Comic Con as well. A lolita meet up for august and an Alice in Wonderland Street Fashion Photoshoot. 
To the meet up Im gonna do a Strawberry themed Country Lolita outfit, Im in the hunt for a boater hat to decorate X_X, havent had luck.
For the Alice in Wonderland Im gonna do Gothic Lolita White Rabbit.


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  1. Those ice cream pillows are adorable! You should sell some! I would totally love one as a phone charm for my phone~ ❤


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