Mephisto Skirt Try and some cafty things I did today.

Incomplete coord just to try out my Mephisto Skirt <3 

And today I made some comissions:

I'm so happy how these came out <3 
I always have fun making stuff, these are for some friends that commissioned me for the fashion show in September. Ill probably use my Mephisto Coord for the Kaisen, then change to my Visual Kei outfit for the show. No fun parading around in my Visual kei outfit from the start heheheh.


Medium Top hat Comission

Haru kun Comission me for a Ouji like top hat for a fashion show. This one was quite a challenge since it wasnt a mini, it was a medium top hat and also no bows, no flowers @_@ so I had to manage to make it awesome kawaii BUT manly, so I added playing cards to it, it is only 90% finished now. My friend Mari is gonna give me some vintage looking buttons that will go perfect with this top hat.

Review on Oo Jias St. Mephisto Cathedrale SK

I received my package from Oo Jia today <3
Finally I have my first Lolita Skirt. I'm so happy!!

Packaging: 5/5 Comments: Very well packed and protected
Skirt: Very well made.
Delivery: It took a little longer than expected, but it wasn't Jias fault, it was the local post office fault, they miss sent the package so it got here only 3 days later. She also provided tracking number.

<3 my skirt came with a bow! ^_^

Heres a complete view of the whole skirt.

The Print details <3 its just so perfect!

Further detail of the print *_* 

Rose shape buttons and detachable ties!!! 

Details on the gorgeous lace on the hem <3

Bow bow bow!

I really recommend Jia to everyone. Why? Because she is a great seamstress and also she custom makes your garments to your measurements. A great thing about this girl is that if you send her a design of a SK,  JSK or OP, she will do it for you. ^_^