Plans and projects!

Hello, loves! These are some of the Plans and projects Ill be doing.

Finish my Decolita or Fairy Kei outfit [still undecided which one to do]

Plan my tutorial for Lolita accesories and Visual Kei make up for Kaisen

Depending on the Date for this event, I will be working on sharing a table for sales with a friend at Kaisen.

Finish some of my drawings I have left behind -.- I have so many unfinished art.

On other things, sorry for not posting much...been lazy? xD mayyyybe?

My current drawing I am working on:

Do not steal please...


Todays Make up

Hi hi, everyone!
Here is todays make up
I went to the mall today, it really wasnt THAT amusing xD

Three of my favorite colors! <3


Sui Sui Chans Give Away

Hello dears!
Sui Sui Chan is hosting a give away, yep you heard it GIVE AWAY! <3
Just follow this link, then follow her instructions to participate ^_^
and good luck!


Some new stuff I got this week

I got some kawaii stuff this week. ^_^ Im so happy!

Eye shadows from Clairs, Hello Kitty Brand <3

Cute purse I got from Clairs

Im inlove with my new silver and black bow! only for $2 dollars!

A bow I made for a blouse Im gonna modify, when Im done with it I will post pictures.

My teal Contacts

My roxas ^_^ I just love him >_> look seph is stealing spot light down there too xD
Hes jeolous cuz I only took a shot of Roxas <3

This is the Lolita JSK I want to get for next year Comic Con <3

Dream of Lolita Melty Chocolate

if i dont get the Melty Choco Ill get this one
Dream of Lolita Wonder Cookie JSK

Las blanquitas <3

Loli shoes <3

I really cant wait to have this coord, about the head dress Ill probably do something
Cake related ^_^ and cute laced cuffs for my wrists.


My new Hair Doo and Make Up

Hello, these are some of the pictures I took today of my make up and hair doo ^_^

New Hair Doo, with out Photoshop

Hair with out fixing it and Make up

My Decoden Cam

Make Up of today Oshare Inspired


New woobdy doo Hair Doo yay!

Yay! I finally have a new hair doo ^_^
I still have to add more blonde to it though
but I have to wait a cuple of days for that.

Anyways, I will post pictures later, been to lazy for that.

Also T_T my drawing tablets pencil is kinda dead
=.= I miss drawing, I need to get a new tablet soon -.-''
<- me with out my tablet Dx


Hello mina san!

Sorry I havent updated much, Im working on some things Ill post later <3

I have a few projects like the skirt, some head dresses and cakes! you'll see soon enough I HOPE


New baby to sow my loli things!

I got a new Sowing Machine!!!
Thanks Mom!!!

Im planning on doing this skirt soon:

Also in black:

I will also make some plushies and bows that I will sell at a con in a coupe of weeks!


Give away from Graphic Noise

Kawaii Give away
Check it her blog is so cute!

Good luck everyone!!

Lollipoppi's First Give away!

Shes giving away so many cute things!
To participate click the banner and read her requirements for participation
Click click click!! And good luck everyone one ^_^


Sharing some of my crafts

Here is a slide share of some of my recent and not so recent crafts <3 enjoy!

Not so Adventuristic day xD

Here are somethings I want to show you guys, some are done recently and others are old projects.

This is a top hat a made several months ago, I wanted to show you guys this one because its the best top hat I've made <3

This is Shihiro <3 its my friends Jessys Miniature Bunny ^_^

This is my cheeky cat Nono, I must admit he is a pain in the rear behind... >_>

Made waffles this morning <3

I re-decorated my phone last night ^_^, it is still unfinished I want to add tiny sparkles, but I have to go to the crafts store to see if I can find tiny sparkles.

I am planning on doing some Fairy Kei hair accesories, once I get them done I will post pictures of it so you can see them ^_^