Okashi Noms Review

Finally got to taste some of the delicious snacks Okashi Noms PR offers!

I got a pretty large stash of goodies but so far I have tasted these:
Sorry about the low quality pictures, these were taken with a mobile.

Melon Ramune and Strawberry Yogurt Drink
I simply LOVE Japanese Drinks, Ramune is one of my favorite refreshing drinks and although I have never tasted the Melon one I decided to order one form Okashi Noms. What can I say?! It was refreshing and delicious, it has a very good Melon taste!

The Strawberry Yorgurt Drink tasted SO SO SO good, it actully taste like strawberry yogurt. It is a very soft taste and the bottle is so cute! 

Yan Yan Double Cream Chocolate and Strawberry dip!

The Oh so good Yan Yan Cookie sticks! Yep, if you haven't tried these yet, DO IT! They are so delicious and sweet! It brings cookie sticks that you can dip in two different flavor dips. The dips flavors are Chocolate and the other is Strawberry. Very good snack!!

Melon Pan
MY ALL TIME FAVORITE Melon Pan, this sweet soft bread is a great snack for any time, you can eat it by it self, with jam or nutella. It is simply soooooo GOOD! 

Big Roll Pizza Thinggie that I seem to forgotten the name LOL
Never tasted one of these, so hey, why not? This roll is like a huge puffy cheeto that taste like Pizza. It is spicy and yummy! Give it a try!

Overall Service: The girls at Okashi Noms are very kind and always bring you fresh delicious snacks from good ol' Japan.

I have more snacks I still have to taste and review, stay tuned! 

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