Fashion Show success and sales at the table were awesome

Finally I got some time to actully make an entry about my wonderful weekend at the capital/metro area.
I stood a weekend for an anime convention. I had a sales spot for two days, in day one most of the things were sold out, specially my trademark item, Onigiri Plushies. I was so exicited!

Day one:
Some of the things I had in my side of the table 

Some good japanese food my friend Maricelys made for me!

My lovely Ami chan! I love her so much, she is the most adorable person in the world!

More things from my table.

My friend Maricelys noming onigiri plushie! She is cosplaying Karuta from Inu x Boku

This is me on my way to the convention on saturday, I didnt have to time to take good pictures of my coord. 

Sunday was the Fashion show, it was a success! Everyone worked so hard to make it epic. 

Day Two:
We went to eat after all the stress, Maricelys, Eric and Naida. Good quality people.

My three adorable helpers at my table sunday while I was at the fashion show preparations. Thank you so much girls. 

Ami cosplayer the most adorable Ciel

Fashion show outfit
This outfit is Japaneseque Visual Kei, it was inspired by Asagi and Kiryu. Its a mix of the two.

People that I love and made my weekend unforgetable! 
Sky my sweetie pie!

Chiki and her puppet! <3 i="i" love="love" mamizonga="mamizonga" p="p" you="you">
Maricelys for being so great and helpful, always loving you!

Hachi for being so adorable and Thania for always being great. Id like to thank Thania and her friend Edgar for being the photographers of the group. You guys are great and have such a great talent, Thank you again.

Claysa for being my huevo jugozo (inside joke) LOL

Jake for being there, I secretly fangirl over you hahaha, not secret anymoar! You are such a great cosplayer and I am glad you are back with a great come back, he won first place for Cosplay Excelence! Congrats my dear! KEEP rocking! 

You see this lady here? This sexy lady is MY sexy lady, She is my best friend and I owe her a lot, thanks to her I never gave up on selling my things, thanks to her the fashion show was possible, because she helped me  and worked hard for it too. THIS WOMAN here is the most epic woman ever. 

This boy, he made my sunday with his moist pants hehehe, I love you Henry, Im so glad I got to meet you. You are the greatest little sister ever!

Last but not least, Lucy, thank you so much for helping me out at the table as well along side with your lovely Richie. Im so glad I got to see you guys and spend some time with you. Love you lots! I also want to thank Haru for helping so much and giving part of his time to be with us and help A LOT, Thanks kiddo!

I also would like to thank Rafael AKA Calico Electronico for taking me to Kaisen and for being such a great friend. Thanks Rafa A LOT! 

This is the Nutella Pizza Naida bought for us after we ate, THIS right here is....glorious, heavenly!

I guess thats about it, until next time, which will be Nais Birthday I hope.


HI everyone!!!

GAH! Id like to apologize for not updating lately, Ive been getting ready for Kaisen Con this weeked!
Its gonna be a great week, Ill stay over at my friends house, I get to hang out with my frillies and FINALLY have our fashion show done!

As soon as all this weekend passes Ill upload pictures of everything.

Some of the things Ive done for my table can be seen here in my fb page