Some new stuff I got this week

I got some kawaii stuff this week. ^_^ Im so happy!

Eye shadows from Clairs, Hello Kitty Brand <3

Cute purse I got from Clairs

Im inlove with my new silver and black bow! only for $2 dollars!

A bow I made for a blouse Im gonna modify, when Im done with it I will post pictures.

My teal Contacts

My roxas ^_^ I just love him >_> look seph is stealing spot light down there too xD
Hes jeolous cuz I only took a shot of Roxas <3

This is the Lolita JSK I want to get for next year Comic Con <3

Dream of Lolita Melty Chocolate

if i dont get the Melty Choco Ill get this one
Dream of Lolita Wonder Cookie JSK

Las blanquitas <3

Loli shoes <3

I really cant wait to have this coord, about the head dress Ill probably do something
Cake related ^_^ and cute laced cuffs for my wrists.


  1. I have almost the same "silver and black bow", but it's pink and black : 3
    Wonder Cookie dress looks good (o^-^o)~

  2. the are soo kawaiii!!>w<

  3. Love the pink and silver bows. I can't wait to see the modified blouse. Basically love everything shown here.


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