Finally a little update!

Im so sorry for not posting often. Now for the entry of today.

Well I had a table at Kaisen, it was fun. My friend Naida was there with me too! Here is the coord for that day:

The con was okay, it wasnt as full as other times but oh well, things happen. I had so much fun met new people, got a Sebastian plushie!!! The sales were okay. The table was given last minute so we didnt get to prepare it all kawaii and stuffs, but next time we wiill. I hope. 

This is our table, first two pics is my side and the last pic is Naidas side, we didnt have time to actully decorate the area and make it pretty. @_@

Everyone loved the onigiris hehhe <3

My shoes <3 I adore them, but man they kill my feet! Its the only Lolita like pair of shoes I have T_T

Picture of the day! Me, Barbie and Naida at our sales stand before leaving the venue! The convention was ending.

I found a girl dressed as a Kappa Kigurumi! I loved it!!

We went to the mall after the Kaisen <3, we had so much fun! <3 I finally got my Boater Hat. Naida took me to Forever 21, I loved it! never been there since I live far from it. Homg all the kawaii clothing and Im so happy I found my boater hat. The strawberry ribbon was made by me, the original is a black and white polka dotted one <3 

Me and my friend Luna <3 shes too adorable! 

My Sebastian Plushie <3 

Over all, I had a great day on Sunday. This week Im preparing my cosplay, well atleast the last touches, I still need to style that wig @_@
This Sunday COMIC CON!!! Also will make an entry for that.

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