A little update and stuffies

Finally started organizing the August Meet up at the museum and the Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot for november. I picked the White Rabbit, here is a concept art design for my outfit.

My friend Naida will do the skirt and vest for me @_@; 

For comic con Im going in Sweet Lolita Strawberry Themed <3 Here is the skirt design and the fabric

Today I will post later on some make up Inspired in these two outfits.

I got a new hair style here it goes:
Its not NEW NEW i just kinda forgot to post pictures of it in the blog XD LUL

Btw those who have tumblr, feel free to follow me :  hibiki-alice.tumblr.com
*^* Ill follow back!

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  1. Wow!! I love that skirt!!! is perfect!!!!

    your blog is sooo cute!



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