A little rant coated with sugar -Lolitas rejecting other lolitas)

A situation happened on my face book a week ago. (Lolita FB drama). This made me realized and meditate over and over again about how many "Elite Lolitas" reject other lolitas. I will explain.

Situation: My friend posted on her wall, that is nothing wrong with using replicas as long as you know how to coord them and use them. I agreed. Then this chick thinks she is an "Elite". Called me a stupid girl, that i was a cheap lolita. She started bragging about how she would never touch replicas. That her closet is all branded. I laugh so hard at this chick, because to be honest I pity her. Her behavior is NOTHING like a lolita should behave. SHE EVEN CALLED me a whale lolita. LOL I told her that sadly I am not in a good monetary situation and that I cant afford brands, she said (pardon the laguage but this is what exactly she said to me) "Fucking spare me the excuses." I doubt this is the proper behavior of a Lolita. SO i decided to stalk her and honestly, her coords arent as great, SHE IS chubby (she dares calle me a whale) and her dresses were too short.

Why would anyone reject others that have the same interest. I mean this problem I be its very common between lolita comunities. Others thing they are the best when they actully fail as a person by rejecting others, just because they dont wear brand or what not. I dont own any brands, I prefer doing things my self. Is there something wrong with that? Yes I agree to use replicas because its the only thing I can afford, yet I dont own even replicas. Like I said I do my own things. I totally dislike people like this girl, chubby girls, skinny girls, fit girls, all have the right to like and wear lolita, or what ever other type of fashion. It was hilarious when she called me a cheap ita. xD I feel sorry for her lame butt.

I dont consider my self ita, because I dont use the fashion as an everyday thing. I try my best at doing my lolita outfits. Yes I am aware that I cant afford the fashion, but i try to dont give up and go for the option on doing things my self. I do a pretty damn good job at it. So that girl can suck on my ant covered lolipop and choke X_X as mean as that sounds.

To all those lolitas reading things, DONT let people like this girl get you down and drestroy your dream to be a lolita, even if you dont have the resources to flood your closet with pretty dresses and what not, DONT give up. Tyry doing things your self or if you dont have that skill there are internet places that sell very affordable lolita things. Beleive in your self and dont be as rotten as this girl, who things she is the almighty lolita elite.

well thats all for my rant coated with sugar and ants? xD heehe ( I apologize for any grammar errors, Im in a hurry.)
Thanks for reading loves.
Love you girlies and gents


  1. Sorry to hear that. I completely agree. No one should have to go through that. Everyone can follow whatever style they choose. So much for camaraderie. >_>

  2. ahahahahahahahah! How ridiculous can she be? Take that 'whale lolita' as i compliment, when she finds herself a little skinny lolita :)
    You just got a new follower

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