Motivation is Back!!

Hello, Id like to apologize for being inactive.
I needed an alone time to think and regain inspiration. Guess what? inspiration is back!!!

;D thanks to a friend in FB that has been helping me with the Lolita Group. I have gain confidence to keep going fashion wise. She has planned meet ups and I have planned activities. This is great!!!
We shall have two meet ups this year and gatherings at conventions, also we are looking forward to an Alice in Wonderland Themed Photoshoot, hopefully this summer.

I still have to finish my meet up outfit. Once will be Visual Kei Wa Lolita like and other Sweet Lolita. Need to make a nice skirt of the visual Kei one. Still looking for good samples.

Got a nice affordable shirt that I will alter with some lace and ribbon, gonna work on my bunny themed mini top hat to match my skirt <3

Some places you can find me:

I also have a website with samples of my goodies that I sell: www.wix.com/hibikidreamers/brokenteapot

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