Favorite things - Picture Heavy >D

You know everyone has favorite things, here are some pictures of some of my favorite things <3

My Ipod Case Rilakkum <3

My baby Ipod <3 I adore this little gadget SO MUCH

My Deco Camara

My Favorite pair of Heels

My Choco Cat Shinny Coin Purse

Hand Painted by Me - Paper Fan

My Wii, its name its Cheese

Promo Cell Shade Art of Phantom Hour Glass and Tale of the Abyss

My baby Computer <3

My Pretty Monitor, Im planning on Deco IT some time

My quartz and Rocks Collection

my Bento Box

My bento box I got it at Comic Con last year.

My Juicy Couture Jewelry <3

My DS Lite I take it everywhere I go XD

My Pencil Bag <3 its so kawaii!

xD hhehehee my collection of Dice >_> What? I used to play a gay bard in a DnD Adventure XD
This was so LONG ago.

These are my favorite accesories ;3 well some of them XD

My geisha and Japan Soda Pop Bottles

Froggy Chan was this years valentines present from my love ;3

My miniature Ceremonial Japanese Tea set its so tiny <3 I love it!

My Tiara ^_^

My collection of Hello Kitty Figures I got these real cheap

My Kokeshi Doll ^_^ I just adore her! Her name is Momo

My Collection of Head Bands @_@ Im obsessed with them xD

My Kuroshitsuji Posters. I got these for $5 both of them at an anime Con last year.

My Rilakkuma Plushie. I ADORE this little bear ^_^

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