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Para las chicas que no sabe ingles, les prometo que pronto hare este post en español, no mas tardar el sábado.

Hello there sweeties! It is time for my tao bao explanation!

What is TaoBao?

http://www.taobao.com/ <- This is the link to the online shop [I suggest you use Google Chrome Internet Browser, since it has the translator for smoother browsing]

This online shop has many things, EVEN lolita outfits and replicas of famous brands. The problem is that only asian people can buy from this site. Due to the fact they dont shipp outside of asia. BUT wait, with http://www.taobaospree.com/index.htm Shopping Service YOU can buy there too!!

A shopping service is a company that buys things for you, from sites that only people from asia can buy. They charge a %5 ammount fee from your purchase. Theres a better explanation in the site. Read it and if you have any questions you can contact Susan who is the Sales representative. She is very nice and knows very good english.

Looking for Lolita or any street fashion related items.

There is a search bar in the site that you can use. If you want replicas of some brand just put the name of the brand and search for them. It is rather tiring but its worth it because you can get brand and off brand items at good prices!!

Things you may find Lolita and Street Fashion Related:
Lolita and Street style Stockigns and leggins
Lolita Socks [Secret Shop]
Angelic Pretty Brand and replica
Lolita Shoes
Visual Kei shoes
Body Line
and many more things!

Understanding Currency in the site.

The site only displays Yen and Chinese currency. Use a Currency converter to know the currency in your country for the item.

here is the converter I use: http://www.xe.com/ucc/
Its easy to use.

Shipping costs.

Since its from Asia you may want to confirm the shipping costs of your items with the staff at

Some things may cost you a lot more than you think due to weight and shipping costs.
I think its affordable when it comes to clothes due to the fact that they dont weight much.

I would like to thank Mana Chan for showing me this site here is her bloggy of cuteness!


I hope this is usefull to all of you pretty lolis
If you have any questions about this post or getting around the site let me know
Im not a pro but Ill try to help you the best I can.


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