A Lolita Diary

Entry #1
My first lolita meet up will be in April 8th in a beautiful park. I am the hostess along with my friend Naida. She also helps me out with my lolita group in Facebook. I am gonna have a sales spot of kawaii Goods (www.wix.com/hibikidreamers/brokenteapot) at the meet up. I am realy excited about meeting all the group members and take pictures of their wonderful outfits!

There will be games, tea and many cute fun things to do <3. My outfit is almost done, its gonna be a sweet lolita bunny themed outfit.
I shall post pictures after the meet up.

Looking foward to:

Kaisen Anime Con
Comic Con Puerto Rico

Outfits for these two will be one Strawberry Themed and the other one will be Alice in Wonderland Themed <3

Cant wait!


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