Starting up a beautiful Lolita Adventure

Bather your self in confidence!

Lolita is a fashion that most  don’t know about it, most can stare in rudeness or maybe in curiosity. Whichever the case you mustn’t let this scare you. I know in fact that it’s hard to waltz in to a crowded place in such a flashy fashion without turning a few heads.

Starting a simple Lolita Inspired Wardrobe~
I recommend if you are starting up in Lolita fashion and still feel a little hesitant in going all out, or are just not able to afford a full outfit. Try to incorporate Lolita elements to your everyday style. This is a good start up to train the eye of those who are around you. Little elements are not as shocking as just splashing and flashing an all out outfit.  Lets talk about how to do this, shall we?
You can add Lolita elements to your outfit such as:
Hair Accessories – Try adding a medium bow or a cute mini top hat. If you think the top hat its too flashy, you can always try lace frill head dress of a medium size.
Jewelry – Depending on the style you like (sweet Lolita, gothic Lolita, etc.) Add jewelry that will complement well your outfit and yet look Lolita. (Bow rings, crown rings, earrings that match, etc.) Laced Cuffs
Shoes – Tea Party shoes look great even with jeans I must say, It all depends the type of blouse you use. If you are more in to the boots kind of person, go ahead find yourself a nice lolita like boots to go well with your outfits!

Building up your Confidence~
Find inspiration, educate yourself, do research about the fashion, the do’s and the dont’s  <- this is very important! There are a lot of good web sites about Lolita fashioin that can help you with tips and tricks.
Each time you go out and some one looks at you weird, don’t let it get to you, remember always be yourself and if being Lolita makes you happy, let no one take that away from you.
Let’s say you have another Lolita friend and she wants to go out dress up to a CafĂ© or the mall, you may find someone that will look at you and even come to you to ask, put your head up look at them in the eye and just say: It’s a Japanese Fashion and life style. (This is if you are considering turning it your life style, if not there will be a dress up for meet ups events section)
You don’t need to give much explanation strangers, just promote the curiosity.

Finding friends that like the fashion and common likes~
Introduce yourself to the local community; find friends that help you if you have doubts about the fashion (never be afraid to ask for help from friends that are in to it too)

Planning your first coordination (outfit)
By this time you should know at least the do’s and the dont’s in the Lolita fashion, with that in mind let’s see what you can cook up with your first outfit.
We all know that when you start up you want to start with a BAM! But hey what if you can’t afford it?
Let’s start small to grow big in the future, a simple coord put up together well and smart can look good no matter what! Always keep in mind what type of clothes goes well with your body, in case of Lolita there are a lot of places in the net you can look up body types and what matches well Lolita wise.
When your outfit is simple, try accessorizing but NOT too much. Have a nice hair doo, if it’s your hair or even a wig; always accessorize it with a bow or a simple cute head dress.
If you have the ability of sewing and crafting, DO NOT BE ASHAME of your creations, GO FOR IT!
Do your outfits, accessories and what not. Remember Lolita fashion can be very expensive.

Meet ups~
What’s great of being a Lolita is that you can have activities with other Lolitas that share the passion of this beautiful fashion.  Don’t be shy, go, have fun and talk to your Lolita friends. Always plan on an outfit before hand, try to look your best. Again, a simple well put together outfit can always look great! This is a great opportunity to make new friends!

When buying online for the first time!
Research thoroughly!! There are many places that scam example of the mother of all scammers MILANOO, it’s a NO NO! you want a good internet world of Lolita goodness and info go to hellolace.net/
Not only they are a great source of information and inspiration, there is a good list of stores you can buy from.

That concludes my read on start up, this is just a swoosh on some things (facts) to know, if you want more abundant information, research the fashion! You must know the fashion first to actually make it yours.
Coming soon, a good read about being lolita even if you are chubby, or meaty <3


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