Harajuku Fashion Meet up at the Museum

Yesterday we had a Fashion Meet up at the Museum. It was great! First we had a tour to appreciate various art pieces. Later we took a break in the Granada Garden at the museum. We took some pictures and later on we went to the Mall. At the mall we had lunch and then took a walk around the mall. My feet were killing me but sacrafices had to be made because I love my old granny boots!

Some of the sweeties that were with me at the meet up. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!

My Coord. 
Shirt: Off Brand
Skirt: St. Mephisto Cathedrale Oo Jia
Tights: Clairs
Shoes: Off Brand
Cuffs: Off Brand
Head Bow: Done by my self
Yeah, I blurred my ugly face xD, No shame on that.

Now some pictures of me and my lovely friends <3 p="p">

Some of the noms from the Mall 

Closer Look at the print

Overall I had a great day. A day I will always remember. Im glad I have so many friends to share this wonderful fashion with. I love you all my dear friends!! Id like to thank Naida (the bestie) with out her none of this would of been possible and thanks to everyone for being there!  

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