Some Inner Thoughts about Lolita

I’ve been in to Lolita fashion for several years, I haven’t been able to actually wear it much nor expand my closet with outfits due to the fact that I have been unemployed for a very long time. Recently I had the opportunity to get my very first Lolita Skirt, if you have seen the past 2 entries it was about my skirt. This entry isn’t about that thou, it’s about how many new Lolita’s have complained about not joining the community, I know in fact that some Lolita’s are very mean and ugly in the inside; they bully chubby Lolitas, colored Lolitas and so on. 

It’s very sad that some new Lolitas or lLolita enthusiasts get scared or intimidated to join the community and wear the fashion. I joined the community knowing that eventually people will talk crap about me, TRY to bully me (yes try cuz they will not succeed) I’m the type of person you can try talking crap on my face, bully me and I will not let myself down EVEN if the situation gets physical I will stand for myself. But many new Lolitas don’t do so and they just curl up and give up. 

This Community can be difficult some times, but not all are bad. In my case my community (Latin Lolitas) is very open minded, we have brolitas, chubby Lolita (I am one myself) and so on. We love everyone no matter how they look like. This is how it should be. Elitists have no place to be anymore, in a world where there’s a lot of diversity. 

A little word to those new to this, don’t let yourself down, I know it’s difficult to bear but if you love the fashion and it makes you happy to wear it, DONT let it go. Not all Lolitas are mean. 

On to other things, my comm will have their first fashion show. I’m so excited, its Harajuku Fashion, I picked Visual Kei, my outfit is inspired on Kiryu and D  a little touch of traditional Japanese with splash of Visual Kei goodness. The difference about my comm is that it’s not exclusive for Lolita; we accept any kind of Japanese street fashion. We decided it was best this way because not everyone likes Lolita in our group, so we want everyone to wear what makes them happy when we do meet ups. That’s why we made it general. So far we are having great times! We also will have a meet up at the museum this weekend, all depends how the weather cooperates with us. 

I’d like to thank all my group members from the Comm. Harajuku Fashion Lovers
You guys always make me smile, yes we have our dramas some times, but we all overcome anything, with talking and understanding.

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  1. Lolitas for ever!!!!! Wooooooo!!!! Love my Puerto Rican Lolita Sisterhood! This is a fashion that is for strong minded people, believe it or not! That is one of the reasons I love it so much!

  2. I remember when I started out as a Lolita, it was when I was like 15-16, at that moment I simply fell in love with all of it. I started out as a Gothic Lolita, and I mostly wear either all black or black and white.

    I remember people teasing me a lot in school because of it, but not even once it bothered me, I was the Alice of my own Wonderland. ♥


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